Read e-book online Unholy Communion PDF

By Caselius,Diego Vito Cervo

From the Introduction:

Unholy Communion is the physique and blood of our Lord Lucifer given with bread and wine, for us to consume and drink in a parody of the sacrament as labored within the Catholic Church.

The advantages of this communion are mentioned by way of the phrases, they guarantee us that during the communion we obtain supernatural energy over the cloth international. For the place there's strength, there's additionally authority.

You will use Lucifer, the Fallen/Lost Spirits to deliver you luck. the facility and Authority of Lucifer, Father of the misplaced, and the Fallen Angels may be with you.

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Sacred Number and the Lords of Time: The Stone Age Invention - download pdf or read online

By Richard Heath

ISBN-10: 1620552442

ISBN-13: 9781620552445

An exploration of sacred geometry, house, and time encoded in stone constructions in the course of 4 successive a while of megalithic development

• Examines the sacred wisdom conscientiously preserved within the Stone Age buildings of Carnac, Stonehenge, Giza, and Teotihuacan

• indicates how our Stone Age ancestors created a realistic process of arithmetic, subtle adequate to figure cycles lasting as much as hundreds of thousands of years

• unearths how the Earth’s form and proportions reflect the time cycles of the heavens above

Our Stone Age ancestors came upon that the geometry of the Earth supplied a sacred connection among human event and the non secular worlds. Exploring the numerical styles of time after which the dimensions and form of the Earth, they created an actual technological know-how of measures and preserved their discoveries inside sacred buildings, spiritualized landscapes, and mythologies, which interpreted the spiritual principles linked to their technological know-how. during this means, the traditional measures of house and time reached our current age and nonetheless include the direct yet forgotten truths of our sacred planet.

By getting better the megalithic secrets and techniques of house and time, conscientiously preserved in megalithic stone constructions, Richard Heath tells an untold tale of 4 megalithic a while. He identifies a primary age of astronomical discovery within the French websites round Carnac, the place, utilizing in simple terms counted lengths and straightforward geometries, the ancients created a worldly cosmic clockwork. A moment age headquartered in Britain, and together with Stonehenge, effectively measured the Earth and published an easy development held in the Earth’s form, utilizing metrological ratios. a 3rd age, established in Egypt and Greece, observed a perfecting of the huge arts, linked metrology, and spiritual principles, revealing the Earth and the heavens because the paintings of a numerical genius. The fourth age observed pyramids and different metrological structures unfold to the recent international, at Teotihuacan in Mexico, and in addition to the some distance East.

Examining Earth’s harmonic relevance to the Universe as an entire, Heath exhibits how we will realize the long-forgotten foundations of our personal civilization and revive the sacred educating preserved via the 4 nice megalithic ages.

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Read e-book online Montana UFOs and Extraterrestrials: Extraordinary stories of PDF

By Joan Bird

ISBN-10: 1606390570

ISBN-13: 9781606390573

In 1950, spinning disks flew over nice Falls, Montana, and have been filmed on a hand held digicam. this present day, these “flying saucers” within the now-famous “Montana motion picture” nonetheless defy traditional explanation.

In the Sixties, UFOs have been pronounced at Minuteman missile silos in Montana. In separate incidents whereas a alien ship was once overhead, armed and prepared nuclear missiles have been abruptly deactivated as missile release officials watched helplessly. The U.S. Air strength ordered those males by no means to inform an individual what happened.

This e-book severely examines those and different unidentified flying object occasions in Montana, together with stated touch with extraterrestrials. Drawing on lately declassified govt files, historical studies, and first-hand interviews, Ph.D. zoologist and writer Joan poultry offers compelling facts that UFOs are genuine, have frequented Montana’s titanic Sky, and feature landed within the state.

This ebook additionally introduces readers to major flying saucers incidents within the united states, to legit executive investigations akin to undertaking Blue publication, and to significant figures within the research of UFOs.

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Read e-book online La magia e il potere: L'esoterismo nella politica PDF

By Giorgio Galli

ISBN-10: 8867080199

ISBN-13: 9788867080199

Il rapporto tra cultura politica e cultura esoterica non è stato spezzato dalla rivoluzione scientifica del XIX secolo. Esso, in realtà, riappare a sprazzi, in singoli paesi e in situazioni specifiche, sino ai nostri giorni. In questo testo, frutto di anni di studio, Giorgio Galli, politologo attento alle tematiche esoteriche, coglie alcuni di quei momenti: nella riflessione di Hobbes e di Weber, nelle oscillazioni in Francia tra rivoluzione e reazione, nell'Inghilterra vittoriana, nella Romania di Codreanu. E ancora: oltre Oceano, negli Stati Uniti are available Argentina, in Italia negli anni del fascismo e in quelli di Prodi, in step with finire con l. a. Russia del bolscevismo e di Gorbaciov. Un'avventura tra storia, scienze occulte e paranormale, dall'alchimia alla perestrojka, dall'astrologia alla politica.

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Read e-book online Napoleon's Lucky Dream Book: A Book of Fate PDF

By Unknown

ISBN-10: 1596056304

ISBN-13: 9781596056305

the 10 of Clubs
Denotes nice riches to return quickly from an unforeseen resource; but additionally threatens that you'll while lose a few very pricey friend.

On the Nails of the Fingers
Broad nails exhibit the individual to be bashful, worried, yet of light nature.

Queries approximately lucky Days
Fair Venus Friday does approve,
And on that day prosper love.

~ ~ ~

This "Book of destiny" is related to be an ideal facsimile of the single utilized by Napoleon, and used to be supposedly consulted via him on each vital social gathering.

It allows fortune telling by means of cube; lucky and unlucky days; behaviors; the strains and types of the face, hair, and eyes; in addition to fortune telling by way of playing cards, arms, and occasional grounds in a cup. final yet no longer least, it presents spells, charms, and incantations, in addition to symptoms of a quickly marriage, and how you can select stable husbands and other halves.

The publication admonishes Napoleon for no longer following its recommendation extra heavily: "Happy had it been for him had he abided or been governed by means of the solutions of this Oracle."

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Read e-book online El Exotericon: Los OVNI, Alienígenos, el Éxtasis de los PDF

By Maximillien de Lafayette

También está disponible como libro en inglés, francés, alemán, italiano, español y turco en: www. y y mundialmente.
Sitio internet del Autor
La historia de XX revela que los Estados Unidos estaban extremadamente interesados en las invenciones de XX, y especialmente en sus OVNI (Platillos Volantes). El gobierno estadunidense confisco todos sus papeles científicos los cuales incluían datos técnicos, ilustraciones e instrucciones detallados en como construir un OVNI. Vale mencionar que el gobierno hizo todo lo posible de esconder del público y de l. a. prensa, todo el trabajo científico extraordinario de XX, los cuales estaban directamente relacionados a dos invenciones en specific: “El Rayo de Muerte” y el OVNI (la maquina volante de anti-gravedad).

Tabla de Contenido

•¿Qué es el éxtasis de los alienígenos?
•I.Definición e introducción
•II.Canalizando con los extraterrestres y entidades de civilizaciones galácticas es imposible
•III.¿Hay alguna(s) fuente(s) acreditada(s) sobre el éxtasis de los alienígenos y las comunicaciones extraterrestres?
•2.Algunas de estas fuentes son:
•Recuento de of Sava Kosanovic (Palabra por Palabra).
•Extracto de una declaración dada por Nikola Tesla durante su entrevista con el periódico el manhattan usher in Tribune, el 15 de octubre del 1911, en l. a. ciudad de Nueva York.
•Los expedientes de Nikola Tesla sobre los extraterrestres: El expediente de Tesla, el “Exotericon Gama”.
•El subgerente de l. a. oficina del FBI de Nueva York, Foxworth fue encargado de investigar.
•J. Edgar Hoover, el Dr. Trump y los expedientes de Tesla.
•El “informe espantoso” del Dr. Trump.
•Clyde A. Tolson esconde el informe del Dr. Trump.
•Hoover falsifico/intercambio el informe del Dr. Trump.
•Las conclusiones del Dr. Trump’s:
•Aquí están las conclusiones del Dr. Trump.
•Nikola Tesla, basic de l. a. Brigada L. C. Craigie, los angeles Base de l. a. Fuerza Aérea, Patterson y el “Proyecto Nick”.
•Nota sobre el basic de los angeles Brigada L. C. Craigie: l. a. promesa del Teniente basic a Truman.
•Más científicos, incluyendo el Dr. Fermi fueron reclutados.
•¡El “Proyecto Nick” ahora es el “Proyecto Lexicon”!
•Advertencia de los Extraterrestres.
•¿Qué tipo de confrontación?
•Lo que sobra de los expedientes de Tesla cayeron en las manos de los oficiales del más alto rango del ejército de Yugoslavia.
•El anuncio de Nikita Khrushchev a los angeles Suprema Soviética (Presidio). (Comité del gobierno Soviético Presídium).
•¡Nikola Tesla estaba preocupado sobre l. a. “Seguridad de los angeles Tierra”!
•Sava Kosanovic detenido por dos semanas completas.
•Investigaciones adicionales del escenario del arrobo alienígeno de Nikola Tesla.
•El Presidente Eisenhower asigno un enorme presupuesto.
•El Proyecto Seesaw
•1958: Los rusos construyen su primer instalación para el arma de rayo de Nikola Tesla.
•La CIA se entero de l. a. instalación rusa de balizas-espaciales alienígenos orbitando l. a. Tierra.
•El sistema del arma de rayo de Tesla rusa y l. a. Iniciativa de l. a. Defensa Estratégica de los Estados Unidos (IDE).
•Los expedientes del FBI sobre Nikola Tesla.
•Los expedientes secretos del FBI sobre Tesla. Documento.
•Una carta de un agente del FBI enviado a J. Edgar Hoover, Director del FBI, con fecha de 21/9/40. Lee l. a. información importante y mis comentarios en los angeles próxima pagina.
•Una carta para el Director del FBI, l. a. cuidad de Nueva York, sobre el “Rayo de Muerte” de Tesla, con fecha dl 9-1-43. En l. a. segunda pagina de l. a. carta, línea 10, nosotros leemos “tiene que ver con el tal nombrado “RAYO DE MUERTE”. Vea comentarios en los angeles próxima página.
•Declaración de Igor Maltsev, el previo Jefe de l. a. Defensa Aérea en l. a. unión soviética.
•Declaración de l. a. Coronel, pilota y cosmonauta rusa Marina Popovitch.
•El Presidente Reagan hablando de las amenazas alienígenas con Shevardnadze y con Gorbachev.
•Maria Orsic y Nikola Tesla.
•¿Que tenían ellos en común?

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New PDF release: Good and Evil Spirits: and their Influence on Humanity (The

By Rudolf Steiner,A. Meuss

‘We research steadily to elevate our eyes not just to fabric lifestyles; as a substitute we find religious entities and their activities anyplace we glance within the universe... We get to grasp the deeds of those spirits. we're alive and energetic and we're in the religious entities and their activities.’ – Rudolf Steiner. This vintage sequence of lectures provides systematic wisdom on many various non secular entities, starting from the better hierarchies of angels right down to hindering demons. Basing his presentation on spiritual-scientific learn, Rudolf Steiner intends to evoke us to the life of those beings and the way they have interaction with all elements of our lives. Steiner describes how animals, vegetation and minerals have crew souls – with even an inert stone having a religious counterpart within the invisible international. a number of the planets within the cosmos are hooked up to nice religious beings and hierarchies too, as is the zodiac, which isn't a static band of fastened stars yet is usually evolving. Steiner offers a impressive photograph of ways Christ pertains to the zodiacal constellations and to our personal larger facets. religious entities are linked to the evolution of earth and the former phases of its lifestyles – and right here Steiner elaborates correct chapters of his e-book Occult technology, an summary, explaining how our job on the earth is finally to increase love instead of knowledge (which used to be the objective of earth’s earlier stage). From cosmic concerns, Steiner ends up in the spirits of the kingdoms of nature – the fundamental beings, with their 4 periods connecting to the 4 parts – gnomes, undines, sylphs and salamanders, or earth, water, air and fireplace spirits. He describes how elemental beings are created by way of human actions – with coercion of the perspectives of others resulting in ‘demons’, mendacity resulting in ‘phantoms’, and undesirable social platforms to ‘spectres’. Spirits also are created within the organization of people and animals, while different religious entities attach us with the humanities. Steiner emphasises the significance of constructing and appreciating the humanities – resembling song, sculpture, structure, portray and poetry – for the sake of humanity’s destiny evolution.

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Get L’alchimia Della Confraternita Dell’Aurea Rosacroce: PDF

By Alessandro Boella,Antonella Galli

ISBN-10: 8827222596

ISBN-13: 9788827222591

Questo quantity costituisce un ulteriore e fondamentale contributo alle ricerche finora condotte sull’enigmatica Confraternita dell’Aurea Rosacroce, di origine italiana e risalente al XVI secolo. Contiene le parti più importanti di un manoscritto italiano dell’Aurea Rosacroce conservato a Napoli, con testi che dimostrano un’avanzata conoscenza della pratica dell’alchimia in seno alla Confraternita, nonché gli statuti del 1678 della Confraternita nella loro integralità, che testimoniano della sua esistenza sin dal 1542-1543.
Il quantity è corredato da una bibliografia inedita di testi manoscritti e a stampa che fanno esplicito riferimento all’Aurea Rosacroce.

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Josephine McCarthy's Quareia The Apprentice: Book Three (Quareia Apprentice) PDF

By Josephine McCarthy

ISBN-10: 0993348033

ISBN-13: 9780993348037

The curriculum of Quareia takes a paranormal apprentice from the start of magic to the extent of adeptship and past in a protracted and particular magical education direction. every one ebook of classes builds at the ones sooner than it, so we recommend that you just paintings with the books in sequence.

 The first component to the educational, the Apprentice part, is the place the magician learns to appreciate and increase convinced magical wisdom and talents, whereas additionally laying the root for the start up education. The Apprentice portion of the Quareia education contains 81 classes unfold throughout ten modules, with every one module containing 8 classes, plus a last initiatory lesson. it's the such a lot broad, in-depth and clever brand new magical direction that's at present to be had worldwide.

Book 3 covers modules 5 and 6 from the Apprentice component of Quareia: ‘Magical Tools’, and ‘Types of Beings’.

Quareia, the hot tuition of magic for the twenty first century, used to be an idea created by way of adepts Josephine McCarthy and Frater Acher; ecu magicians with strong magical reputations of their respective fields. The curriculum of Quareia, written by way of Josephine McCarthy, takes a mystical apprentice from the start of magic to the extent of adeptship and beyond.

Josephine McCarthy is a paranormal adept, instructor and writer from the united kingdom. Josephine has been instructing magic intensively for over two decades within the united states and Europe, and her many books on magic contain the mystical wisdom series.

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